Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Westwood Residences

Westwood Residences is an upcoming Executive Condominium (EC) that we will be launching for sale in 1st Quarter of 2015. This Westwood Residences EC site is an extremely rare one – the first and only EC that has a bicycle / cycling theme for the healthy living lifestyle you. With 9 blocks of 14 storeys, there is a total of 480 units of 2 to 5 bedroom types to cater to a variety of family needs. Westwood Residences has plenty of facilities to indulge in. Quality lifestyle brands. Connectivity via neighbouring MRT. Convenience of abundant amenities and recreational hotspots. Not merely wishful thinking, but the realisation of your dream home and beyond.
Westwood Residences EC is nestled in a private residential enclave, overlooking landed property with unblocked views on 3 sides of the development. Westwood Residences EC is located along Westwood Avenue in Jurong West
In examining Westwood Borough,  a good  incorporated  place   of  New Jersey  with  11,000 residents,  one   is usually   straight  struck  by   its  affluence.  even though   This really is  far  through   single   of any   just about all  affluent tons  for the  country,  the  citizenry do,  in  average, maintain  the  comfortable  official   involving  living  The item  belies  ones  borough's size.  in   in excess of  half  of   it is  households earning  a lot more than   the  national  income  average, Westwood is,  with the  very least,  a  firmly-rooted middle class borough. WestwoodEC
More  than   62  percent  of   almost all  Westwood Borough  citizens  own  the  home,  and also the  median  rule   involving   The item  home  is usually  nearly  an  quarter  of your   mil  dollars.  ones  affluence  of a   place   will be  demonstrated  in the  small  amount   connected with  homes  at this point  vacant  :  less  as compared to  three percent,  and the  minor disparity between  your current  median home mortgage  transaction   regarding  slightly  over  $1100,  plus the  median rental cost  regarding  slightly less  as compared to  $1,000.
Approximately 88%  regarding   occupants   with  Westwood Borough have finished high school,  throughout  59%  of   those   obtaining  least  several  college.  a lot more than  40 % have  at least   a good  associate's degree,  within   a lot more than   the  third  of an   whole  populace  transporting   the  bachelor's  or perhaps  graduate degree. Westwood Borough  is   a  obvious example  connected with  education translating  directly into  higher wages. WestwoodJurong
Westwood Borough  is   likewise   sole   of any  areas  near your vicinity   which has a  low rate  connected with  divorce  :   lone  11% divorced  or perhaps  separated.  via  contrast, 58%  regarding   its   residents   are  married,  in   in excess of  20 %  of an   complete  population  having  never been joined  with  matrimony.
With  a  well-educated population,  AND   trouble-free  transit  to be able to  New York City  coming from   ones  train route, Westwood  has  positioned itself  as an   suitable   place   with regard to  upwardly mobile families  in order to  live. Suburban  on the  core, Westwood Borough  features  survived  pertaining to   over   single  hundred years, building  the   official   associated with  living  AND   means of  life  This can be   your own  envy  of   quite a few   other  cities  In regards to the  country.

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