Saturday, 31 January 2015

David Banks stars in new TV series GYPSI as Declan Desmonde

an unfamiliar setting, one that is steeped deep in the traditions of New Orleans' Voodoo. A dark community enriched with Witches, Voodoo Louas, and Shapeshifters, who all roam about free and with ease. It's the sweet and potent promise of passion and power that calls to her blood and true heritage. The smoldering seductive force of the Dark begins to manipulate and romance her senses as Gypsi learns more of her destiny. Gypsi, along with her friends and family, must quickly connect the pieces of a past in order to continue on her journey toward her fate that has been forever her own. GYPSI: Where Fate and Destiny Collide and the Spirits will never tamed.
73 Stonehurst Blvd
Freehold, 07728

New Jersey, USA

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